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Materials Design in Language Teacher Education: An Example from Southeast Asia

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Jack C. Richards
International Perspectives on Language Teacher Education. Macmillan. 2015, 90-106.
Introduction and overview
This chapter describes an approach that has been developed to induct language teachers into the principles and practices involved in writing course materials for use in countries that are members of SEAMEO – the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization. SEAMEO hosts a number of centres in member countries, each with a particular focus and mandate. The SEAMEO centre in Singapore is under the auspices of the Singapore Ministry of Education and is known as the Regional Language Centre (RELC). Amo ng the courses RELC provides to teachers and teacher educators from the ten SEAMEO member countries are in-services courses and workshops on topics such as CLIL, ESP, and English for Young Learners, as well as courses linked to postgraduate qualifications, taught in both face-to-face and blended formats. In its earlier years RELC lecturers were sponsored by both Singapore as well by member or associate-member countries and I was the New Zealand Government staff member on two occasions. More recently I have been an adjunct professor at RELC, visiting RELC annually to teach courses and workshops on curriculum and materials design. This paper describes an approach I have developed while working with course participants in this capacity

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