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*Duta Mahasiswa IAIN Palangka Raya 2017; M.Rudi Taufana (Juara 1), Dian Asih Lestari (Juara 1), Fajar Purwatmiasih (Runner up 1), Rizkan Akbar (Ranner up 2), Aula mukarramah (Ranner up 2),*Duta berbakat IAIN Palangka Raya 2017; Bella Ariska (Juara 1),*Duta Persahabatan IAIN Palangka Raya 2017; Sulianur (Juara 1) *Fashion Show Putra IAIN Palangka Raya; Ahmad Yani (Juara 2), Rizkan Akbar (Juara 3)*Fashoin Show Putri IAIN Palangka Raya: Raudhatul Jannah (Juara 3) *Vocal Solo Putri IAIN Palangka Raya; Dwi Warochmah (Juara 1)

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Prodi Tadris Bahasa Inggris IAIN Palangka Raya

Saturday, September 19, 2015

NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELT (NACELT); Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics & Literature

Sunday, November 15, 2015
We are inviting teachers, lecturers, students and researchers to be participants and parallel speakers on National Conference on ELT (NACELT): Applied Linguistics, General Linguistics & Literature

Keynote Speakers
Prof. Hj. Utami Widiati, M.A., Ph.D (State University of Malang)
Prof. Wahjuningsih Usadiati, M.Pd (University of Palangkaraya)
Dr. Imam Qalyubi. M.Hum (State Islamic Institute of Palangkaraya)

Topic of Interest include:
1. Islamic Integrated curriculum
2. Approaches, methods, and technique in Language Teaching (ELT)
3. ICT/ Technology integration in Language Teaching
4. Learning with Multimedia & Hypermedia in Language Teaching
5. Language Evaluation & Assessment
6. Language Policy
7. Values in Language Education
8. Teacher Professional Development
9. Tecaher knowledge and skills
10. Applied Linguistic
11. Literature

 Submission Guidelines

Document Format and Full Paper
Please note that articles will be published in a conference proceeding, and some other selected ones in book chapters.
File format and name
Articles should be in MS Word (any version, .doc is preferred; if .docx is submitted and fails to translate satisfactorily, it will be referred back to authors for translation) for Windows or Macintosh, or Rich Text Format. 
Submission must be in a single file, that is do not send particular parts such as attachments in a different file.
Page setup
Page size A4 with margins set to:
3.0 cm
3.0 cm
Orientation: Portrait (never use landscape)
3.0 cm
3.0 cm
Times New Roman 14 bold followed by one blank line, centre aligned, sentence case.
Author names
and institutional affiliation
Author/s  (bold)
Department or Institution
Please use 2 lines, Times New Roman 10 point, centre aligned, no indent. In cases of different Department or Institution, use separate entries, with spacing one blank line. Please include other details, such as emails just below the affiliation.
Abstract and keywords
Abstracts shall not exceed 150 words, per MS Word word count. Use Times New Roman 10 point, left aligned, indented 1.0 cm left and right, not italicised. Do not use a heading for the abstract or headings within the abstract. Place one blank line before and after.
Please use no more than 3 levels of heading and apply consistently.
  • First level. Times New Roman 14 point bold followed by one blank line, left aligned, sentence case. Numbering of first level headings is discouraged.
  • Second level. Times New Roman 13 point bold followed by one blank line, left aligned, sentence case. Numbering of second level headings is discouraged.
  • Third level.  Use Times New Roman 12 point not followed by a blank line, left justified, sentence case.
Body text
Times New Roman 12 point, left aligned, single spaced. Use blank lines before and after headings and paragraphs.
Use a blank line to conclude each paragraph, and no indents.
Referencing: In text citations
Use the author-date system in your articles (APA 6th Edition Style). Footnoted references will be rejected.
Referencing: Reference list
In your reference list, please use APA 6th edition style. This prescribes alphabetical order by first author. Use Times New Roman 12 point, left aligned, no blank lines. The following provides examples of referencing for the main kinds of publications.
Use Times New Roman 12 point and other body text specifications for all text within a table and its title. In general all tables should have a title with consecutive numbering (eg: Table 1: Title of the table), bolded, using sentence case, centred, and located at the top of the table.
Figures and diagrams
In general all figures and diagrams should have a title or caption with consecutive numbering (eg: Figure 1: Caption for the figure or diagram) bolded, using sentence case, centred, and located below the figure or diagram. Use brief titles, preferably one line not exceeding the width of the figure.
This is an optional section in which you may record appreciation to individuals or organisations for assisting or supporting the research work. Format as for body text.
Use appendices very sparingly and only if essential for the proper presentation of your research. Format as for body text.
Use either American or British English, and use it consistently.

 Conference Fee and Payment Method
   IDR 250,000
   IDR 100,000
1.      Bank transfer 
: Bank BRI
: SantiErliana
         Account Number 
: 024301031283504
PLEASE SCAN, and EMAIL your proof of bank transfer to pbiiainpky@gmail.com or BRING  it on the conference day.
2.      On site 
You can also pay the fee on the conference day (07:00-08:00 O’clock on the first conference day)
Important Steps for your registration: Please do finish all the steps on time to ensure that your paper is published successfully:
    1. Format your paper according to the Template carefully; 
    2. Download and complete the Registration Form; 
    3. Finish the payment. (The Payment information can be found in the Registration form)  
    4. Send your final papers (both .doc and .pdf format), filled registration form (.doc format), and proof of payment to us at pbiiainpky@gmail.com. (By November 10, 2015) 
    5. Download Abstract submission form
    1. Download and complete the Registration Form; 
    2. Finish the payment. (The Payment information can be found in the Registration form) 
    3. Send your filled registration form and scanned proof of payment to us at pbiiainpky@gmail.com. (By November 10, 2015)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Leiden-KEMENAG PhD Scholarships (Indonesia)

A full PhD study at Leiden University for Indonesian academic staff.

For whom?

Indonesian academic staff at universities under the authority of the Directorate General of Islamic Education of the Ministry of Religion in Indonesia who will take a full PhD study at Leiden University


All programmes offered by Leiden University




Maximum of 48 months for a full PhD study at Leiden University

How To Participate VSC (Video Speaking Competition)

  • Fill the registration form and curriculum vitae of video maker.
  • Choose one object.
  • Make 5 minutes descriptive video (Describing the objects-NOT picture but real object).
  • Send the registration form, CV, and video via email to: tbi@stainpalangkaraya.ac.id BEFORE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9th 2014.
  • One school should delegate 2 (two) contestants/ videos. School can send more than 2 (two) that is accepted max. 10 (ten) contestants/ videos.